SuperNova Fishing Lights Are Made In America By Fisherman, For Fisherman
SuperNova Fishing Lights got their start in the lakes, rivers, and bayous of the Texas Hill Country.

SuperNova Fishing Lights

We Light The Night

Some of my favorite memories are of night fishing with my Dad. We’d hang a gas lantern from a tree to draw the bait fish in, and catch crappie, white bass, and catfish all night long. Unfortunately that method puts the angler in direct contact with thousands of not so tasty bugs. As uncomfortable as that was, those fish were a blast to catch and are excellent table fare, so we hit the lake at dusk whenever we could.

Technology “advanced” and we began using floating sealed beam headlights and halogen submersibles. Submerged lights eliminated the bug issues but introduced new problems of their own. They’re very power hungry, happily eating batteries alive, while glass lights are very fragile and easily damaged. This was definitely not the solution.

Along came LED technology and I got excited! This is the solution! The efficiency of LED makes toting extra batteries unnecessary. They’re very bright, with good color rendering, especially in the green wave lengths. They’re durable, lasting 50,000 hours, and their size allows us to build a light with a very high output in a small package.

I quickly discovered that no one had taken advantage of these advances in technology to make a product that would satisfy the serious angler. After researching LED technology and methods of encapsulation, I began making fishing lights for myself and a few of my buddies.

After several years of trial and error and considerable research and development, I’ve perfected the SuperNova LED Fishing light. They were first introduced with huge success to anglers here in central and coastal Texas, where the environment is as harsh as you’ll find, and where some of the first releases of this model are still working today.

I’ve designed a product that I’m proud to stand behind. It won’t leak, it’s very durable (under normal use – please don’t drive your truck over it!) and you don’t have to disassemble my units to clean or replace parts.

I hope you’re excited and extremely satisfied with your SuperNova LED lights and appreciate that they’re made in the USA by Americans, and developed by avid fishermen for the serious angler who just wants to catch more fish!

I believe in our product and stand behind it 100%! Developing outstanding relationships are the key to the success of any business, and we’ll do whatever’s necessary to have you as a satisfied customer, now and for years to come.

I’m always ready to answer questions and talk about fishing and the techniques necessary to be successful with my LED lights. Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page, post on our Facebook and Google pages, or contact us directly for for more information.

Dez Davis, Owner
SuperNova Fishing Lights