SuperNova Fishing Lights Are Made In America By Fisherman, For Fisherman
SuperNova Fishing Lights got their start in the lakes, rivers, and bayous of the Texas Hill Country.

SuperNova Fishing Lights

We Light The Night

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of night fishing with my Dad. We’d hang a gas lantern from a tree to draw the bait fish in, then catch crappie, white bass, and catfish all night long. Unfortunately that method puts the angler in direct contact with thousands of not-so-tasty bugs.

As uncomfortable as that was, those fish were a blast to catch and are excellent table fare, so we hit the lake at dusk whenever we could. Soon we began using floating sealed beam headlights and halogen submersibles. That eliminated the bug issues but introduced new problems. They happily ate batteries alive, while glass lights are fragile and easily damaged. Definitely not the solution.

LED Green Light Technology Solves The Problems

Along came LED technology. Power efficient, very bright, and with good color rendering — especially in the green wave lengths. They’re durable, last at least 50,000 hours, and their size results in very high output in a very small package. I looked around and quickly realized no one was using this brand new technology for the serious angler.
I started out making fishing lights for myself and a few of my buddies. After several years of trial and error, research and development, the SuperNova LED Fishing Light was ready for its debut.

I Designed A Product I’m Proud To Stand Behind

First introduced to anglers in central and coastal Texas, where the environment is as harsh as you’ll find anywhere on the planet, many of my original SuperNova LED Fishing Lights are still hard at work today. They don’t leak, they’re durable, and they’re virtually maintenance free. And I’m still making them by hand, right here in the heart of Texas, for the serious angler who just wants to catch more fish.

I believe in our products and stand behind them 100 percent.
Dez Davis, Owner
SuperNova Fishing Lights