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LED Boat Light Kit LED Boat Light Kit

Choose your LED light stip length (3-feet to 22-feet) and color.

Our Price: $96.00
LED Boat Front Marker Light Kit LED Boat Front Marker Light Kit

Our Front Marker LED Light Kit makes sure you're safely seen.

Our Price: $59.00
LED Boat Safety Special Lighting Kit LED Boat Safety Special Lighting Kit

Our Safety Special LED Lighting Kit makes sure you're seen, day or night.

Our Price: $129.00
LED Boat Trailer Lighting LED Boat Trailer Lighting

More than just great looks - our LED trailer kit's a big help launching and recovering.

Our Price: $159.00 FREE SHIPPING!
LED Boat Light Strip LED Boat Light Strip

Our LED boat light strips perform flawlessly, even in harsh saltwater environments.

Our Price: $38.00
LED RGB Light Strip LED RGB Light Strip

Set and forget or create different LED colors every time you're on the water!

Our Price: $49.00
LED Boat Compartment Light LED Boat Compartment Light

Easy to install, this 10-inch LED light strip comes with 10-foot lead.

Our Price: $36.00
LED Boat Stern Light LED Boat Stern Light

Our 20-inch LED stern light comes complete with 9-foot lead.

Our Price: $42.00
Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

SuperNova Fishing Lights gift certificates are perfect for last minute giving, or when the exact kit isn't known.